Competition Trained

We love to compete

Have you ever thought of the shooting sports?  We have competed in various shooting sports, we can introduce you to.  Why not have fun, compete and build your proficiency at the same time.  From Cowboy Action Shooting, to "3 Gun", to the shotgun sports.  Ask us about the shooting sports, we can introduce you to a life long passion that we can share with you!

Not your ordinary training

Special Ops....

None of those guys are here....

(Now that I have your attention)  There are lots and lots of shooting schools that offer training from Tier 1 Operators.  This is not one of those schools.  We are not body builders nor male calendar models.  We are simple, down to earth instructors.  We have practical skills and knowledge you can use to make yourself a better marksman and improve your "street skills".  We will talk to you like a regular person, and won't yell at you.

Former Police Rangemaster

FBI  and California POST Certified Instructor

Working with police officers for many years brings a unique perspective to civilian training.  We don't expect you to be a Tier 1 Operator.  We like who you are and will talk to you like a regular person.