Hours of Operation

We work a day job too....

Give us a call to set something up... 805-765-7748

Monday thru Friday  6pm to 10 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

Ventura County 

Approved CCW Training

  • Approved by Ventura County Sheriff
  • Small class sizes
  • Private or group training (contact for group pricing)
  • $250 for the 2 part class (class room & range)
  • Qualify with 1 to 5 weapons 
  • Student must supply own firearms and ammo
  • Course does not guarantee issuance of CCW
  • ​Classroom in Moorpark/Range in Piru


  • You will need the following: 
  1. Safe firearm 
  2. Eye and Ear protection
  3. Ammunition for each firearm
  4. Great attitude for learning!!

Handgun Training

Beginner to advanced

So you bought that new handgun?  Do you want to know how to use it to protect yourself?  Suppose you hear a "bump in the night", will you know how to navigate your home or apartment safely with your firearm to be able to find out what that noise was?  

Rifle Training


So you bought one of those cool AR15s because everyone else is scooping them up.  Do you know the proper care and feeding of your new weapon?  Let us teach you how to care for it, feed it, and how to use it safely and effectively.

HR 218 Re-Certifications $50